• 云南大学唐年胜教授学术报告 2022-07-01

    报告人:唐年胜?教授报告时间:7月6日14:30-15:30报告地点:腾讯会议 ?会议号:231 401 988报告题目:Variational Bayesian Learning for Medical Imaging Data报告摘要:With the recently developed medical imaging technology, brain images are capt...[详细]

  • 浙江工商大学郭宝才教授学术报告 2022-06-22

    报告题目:参数未知下的方差控制图? ? ? 报告人:郭宝才教授报告时间:6月22日 ?下午16:00-17:00? ? ? 报告地点:腾讯会议 968562306主办单位:manbext客户端online摘要:监控过程方差很重要,方差变大意味着过程发生恶化,方差变小意味着过程变化。传统...[详细]

  • 南开大学王兆军教授课程思政报告 2022-06-21

    报告题目:南开统计课程思政元素报告人:王兆军 教授报告摘要:主要从南开大学、统计学科,以及南开统计课程三个方面介绍课程思政的某些元素。报告时间:6月27日14:30-15:30报告地点:腾讯会议主办单位:manbext客户端online报告人简介:南开大学统计与数据...[详细]

  • 中央财经大学池义春研究员学术报告 2022-05-16

    报告题目:Distributionally Robust Goal-Reaching Optimization in the Presence of Background Risk ?时间:2022年5月23日上午10:00-11:00地点:腾讯会议 ID:501 219 396报告摘要:In this talk, we examine the effect of background risk on portfoli...[详细]

  • 学术报告:华南师范大学陈小山教授 2022-05-12

    报告题目:Sensitivity analysis for the generalized singular value decomposition摘 ?要:In this paper, we discuss the sensitivity of multiple nonzero finite generalized singular values and the corresponding generalized singular matrix se...[详细]

  • 吴远山教授学术报告 2021-12-16

    报告题目:High-dimensional robust inference for censored linear models 报告摘要:Due to the directly statistical interpretation, censored linear regression offers a valuable complement to the Cox proportional hazards regression in surviva...[详细]

  • 田国梁教授系列学术报告 2021-12-15

    报告一题目:The normalized expectation-maximization (N-EM) algorithm (正则化的EM算法)报告摘要:Although the expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm is a powerful optimization tool in statistics, it can only be applied to missing/incomplet...[详细]

  • 兰州大学郑兵教授学术报告 2021-12-14

    报告题目:Structured backward error analysis for (generalized) saddle point problems报告摘要:Recently, the structured backward errors for the generalized saddle point problems with some different structures have been studied by some aut...[详细]

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